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Personal Web-site of Mark Faben - freelance Web-Accessibility Tester

Accessible Web-Design is not just about disabled users, and increasing their access to the website; It increases usability which ultimately benefits all users of the Website weather disabled or not.

I am a passionate advocate and promoter of accessible web design, and strongly believe that just as poor HTML is the sign of a badly designed page, so too is a page designed without accessibility in mind.

I do not view Web accessibility as just fulfilling a set of requirements or validating against certain predefined checkpoints.

It (web accessibility) must also mean quality design in all aspects of the user's experience of the website/webpage.

Just as it is best to leave questions of browser based user interface design to an expert in that field, it is best to have your site checked and examined by an expert in screen reader user interface design when considering accessibility.

Accessibility should not be an afterthought 'added on' to the site, but rather an integral part of the design and implementation process. Of course, things do not always go according to plan, and then an accessibility testing expert such as myself is the key to unlocking your websites potential.

I can ensure your website is accessible, meets UK legal accessibility requirements, and, ultimately results in an effective, accessible, usable website, with increased website traffic and profitability.

Website Accessibility benefits all users, of all experiences and ages, with all browsers (including mobile browsers).

The UK has an increasingly aged population, and if you want to exclude a huge potential number of customers of the population from buying your services or products, an inaccessible website is the quickest way to do so. Conversely, having an accessible website means you not only meet the legal requirements (protecting yourself from prosecution), but open up your products and services to a larger potential customer base.

Additionally, Accessibility has important, beneficial implications for website Optimisation (including SEO); many of the features which make a website truly accessible also increase the visibility of a website to 'robots'- improving their ranking in popular search providers, including Google.

I offer a variety of Accessibility testing services to ensure your website is accessible;

Unlike many larger accessibility testing firms I can, as a freelance web-accessibility tester working from home, operate with very low overheads and thereby offer a high value but expert, inclusive accessibility service to my clients at a fraction of the cost when compared to larger firms and the extortionate free-lance 'day rates' charged by some testers. This does however mean that you will not see any pricing quoted on my website; each project is bespoke, pricing therefore reflects this.

My pricing is specific to a given project, and represents the complexity and nature of the accessibility testing to be undertaken, rather than operating on a 'flat fee' based day or project rate.

Accessibility testing can range from full scale Accessibility audits, (also called accessibility conformance testing) to give a website the nationally recognised accreditation to the WCAG accessibility guidelines, to preliminary accessibility testing protocols, which give an idea of a sites existing Accessibility, and suggested ways in which the site may be made more accessible and able to meet WCAG guidelines. More information on the types of accessibility testing services I offer can be found on the Services page.

I can also perform User accessibility testing; as a blind individual myself, and if required may be able to arrange for full-scale user testing; involving multiple users with a range of disabilities, knowledge and experiences.

This last type of accessibility testing should only occur once a site has been Audited, and is not recommended in the vast majority of cases; in many ways it moves as much into ''usability' as it does into 'accessibility', as of course the two are highly related.

I can either conduct accessibility testing remotely from home, or if it is desirable travel to your offices and work directly with your in-house web team. Wherever I carry out the accessibility testing, I am of course available post-testing to discuss any issues the review demonstrated with your web-design team.

About the Accessibility tester Website

The Accessibility Tester website is laid out in a rather linear fashion; from the accessibility tester homepage you can find out general information regarding The What and the Why of Accessibility. From this it may be of interest to read about the Legal Status of web Accessibility in the UK You can find out about the various Accessibility services I offer, including Preliminary Accessibility Review and accessibility User Testing, locate my contact information, and also find a short bio, or about section which gives some information on my previous experiences in the fields of web accessibility as well as a brief summary of my previous work.

The Accessibility tester website is currently under development, it is hoped to be expanded beyond that brief information currently carried on the site. In the next few months accessibility should be expanded to include a range of articles I have written on various aspects of accessibility testing, as well as useful links to accessibility related resources.

On each page of the accessibility tester website there is a link displayed to demonstrate that each page is written in valid HTML: From time to time I may edit pages, break links, insert bad HTML, links sometimes get out of date, etc., I should normally notice this straight away and fix the problem before the issue is live on the web; If I don't please feel free to E-Mail me and point out my error and I will fix it.

My personal web site, devoted to audio music recording can be found here: Music site


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